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Our Cause

It is the mission, duty, and purpose of The Family ONE to create, implement, and operate programs and events that provide support for local youth — establishing an environment and culture that allow the youth we serve to find their voice, their path, and their purpose. Removing barriers self-imposed or otherwise, cultivating critical thinking and ownership as a means of progressing the youth towards "their" goals. Presenting experiences that remove limitations, spark imagination and inspire actions that lead to tangible positive outcomes is essential to our cause. Below will further explain our goals, our history, and some example of our enrichment programs we plan to create in the future. 


We offer to build self esteem, have fun, and educate.

Smiling Student

Self Esteem

This is a foundational component to the development of the state of mind needed to create healthy expectations, boundaries and relationships. Our programs are designed to build upon small successes to create a culture that continues to build on the self awareness and self worth of the youth.


Recreation is a method of re-creating. So whether it is physical activity, music, arts or technology, we tailor engagements to give participants the opportunity to break out and away from old molds and create new perspective and horizons for themselves.

Paraplegic Sporting Event


We provide the support, guidance and insight needed to attain the knowledge needed to make good decisions. Where there is a need for a traditional tutor, a vocational skills, training certificate we work closely with our partners. We are here to assist through all of life's challenges.


Below are some goals we have for both our events and mentorship programs. Each program has an educational and recreational component all geared toward raising awareness of opportunities and ways in which the participating youth can further engage and pursue passions in efforts to find their voice and attain their goals. Please inquire our program sections for any questions or concerns. 

Video Editors

Creatives Program A

Young people interested in creating short films/stage productions, honing their skills as screen/play writers, editors, directors and on-screen talent.

Filming a Music Video

Creatives Program B

Program focuses on opportunities for the youth to report and broadcast news and current events/sports commentary.

Politician Greeting Children

Community Outreach/Leadership

We identify and support ways in which to position youth as leaders in their communities matched with mentor and partners to be providers of solutions in their/our community.

Garnishing Dish


 Young foodies can work on their recipes, skills and palette.

Professional Gamer


Work with our partners to gain hands on experience in IT, Coding, gain Certifications, Game play and Gaming industry Insight.

Girl in Piano Class

Music Appreciation

 Learn how to write, record and produce music in a commercial studio or learn how to play an instrument. 

Smiling Young Woman

Young Entrepreneur

We guide youth through the steps needed to start their own business enterprise.

Boy in Art Class


Aspiring artist are encouraged to create and present their art to the world. Sculptors, painters and all mediums of art.

Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump


Working with our partners to help those with the skills and drive to continue to perfect their craft.


Our organization launched in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and although that posed a great challenge, we were still able to make an impact on the youth and community of Loudoun County. Below are a few examples of the way we were able to do so over the course of the past two years.

Family Picnic

Holiday Turkey Giveaway

This event allowed us to serve over 100 families by providing turkeys and fixings for the families who expressed a circumstantial need and or suffered from continuous food insecurities.

Day Care

Toy Give Away

Approximately 130 children made the NICE list and were recipients of toys, coats, bicycles and more as a kind gesture and a financial relief for those in need of assistance during the Christmas season.

Children's Race

Family Fest

The inaugural event hosted a game coding session, gaming truck and parent vs student kickball game for the youth of Loudoun County.  

Tying Shoes

Sneaker Drive

We contributed to a collaborative effort that collected over 180 pairs of sneakers to be recycled and repurposed for those in need.

School Kids

Freedom High School Leadership Academy

A partnership with Freedom High School to assist graduating seniors who have not yet identified their future path post graduation. We offered one on one mentorship, professional mentorships based on industries identified by students and a safe space for the young men to express themselves freely with regard to their personal growth and development.

Tutoring a Student

Individual Mentoring Services

 We provide trauma informed mentoring services through our sister company that focuses on strengthening their ability to process data and communicate their needs effectively.

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